4 Freshwater Lobster Foods Best

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Air Like – In addition to being consumed, it turns out that there are several types of freshwater Lobster crayfish that are suitable to be kept because they have a bright and nice color.

To stay healthy, you need a crayfish diet that fits your needs.

Lobsters are omnivores by nature so they eat just about anything and can eat all kinds of food around them.

However, there are some foods that are recommended to keep lobsters growing healthy and also having a good color.

4 Lobster Foods That You Should Give Your Lobsters:

1. Vegetables and tubers

You can give food from plants such as mustard greens, carrots, bean sprouts, cassava, sweet potatoes, young corn, cassava leaves, cassava and so on.

For those who can’t submerge it, you can boil it first and cut it or slice it into thin strips to make your lobter easier to eat.

As we know, plants and tubers contain ingredients for lobster growth.

2. Aquatic Plants

Freshwater lobters also like aquatic plants such as water hyacinth, watercress, and other aquatic plants. To get this water plant in my opinion is quite easy.

Because they like to eat water, don’t put lobter in an aquascape container with water plants, they will eat it all.

3. Meat

In addition to plant elements, lobsters also like meat-based foods such as water fleas, mosquito larvae, blood worms, gold snails, earthworms, shrimp, dead fish and so on.

You can give almost any meat to your lobter. However, for large meat sizes, cut into small pieces first.

4. Artificial feed/pellet

There is also a special artificial feed for this freshwater crayfish. The shape is like ornamental fish pellets in general.

It is recommended in lobter feed not only one type, alternating from plants, meat, pellets. This is so that the lobter does not get bored with only one type of food.

Tips for serving lobster feed:

Give several types of food above alternately so that the lobter gets all the content and nutrients from various foods.

Do not give too much feed, the dose in feeding according to the number and size of the lobter.

Just 2x a day is enough for breastfeeding. Morning and evening, for the evening give more feed than in the morning.

Do not feed pellets often because the best food is natural food.

Food for lobter seeds

Lobter seeds are usually kept in growth ponds. For feeding tips as follows:

Since it’s still small, just give it a silkworm. Because it is very good for growth.

Don’t give artificial feed for lobster seeds

Feeding is also 2 times a day, morning and evening. For the afternoon portion 2x more than the morning because the lobster is more active at night.

So, those are some freshwater crayfish foods and tips on how to feed them. Can be applied to lobster consumption or lobter to be kept as an ornamental fish.

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