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Best Car Insurance of 6 Characteristics

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Air Like – Car Insurance has certainly become a separate requirement for car owners. This product will provide protection for your Car, both for protection against the risk of accidents and protection against the risk of loss.

Various risks of loss that can occur in your favorite car will be transferred to the insurance company. Then, have you found the right car insurance?

The number of insurance companies that provide motor Car Insurance products is quite a lot in the country. This will certainly be an advantage, because there are many products that can be taken into consideration.

But to protect your car, make sure to choose insurance that is really quality and reliable. This is important, to ensure you can get the best service from the product.

The following are some of the characteristics of a good insurance product that can be taken into consideration:

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1. Already Registered and Under The Supervision of OJK

The first thing that must be ensured from insurance products is the permit and also its legality. Avoid buying car insurance in a hurry, especially if you haven’t collected accurate information about the insurance company.

Make sure the insurance company is licensed and operates legally. An insurance company that is already trusted like this of course has been registered with the OJK. Visit the official OJK website to confirm whether the insurance company is registered or not.

2. Easy Claim Submission and Process

Filing a claim is a common thing for insurance service users. This is also one of the important considerations in choosing an insurance product.

The long-winded and complicated claim submission process will certainly be a hassle for customers. Not only is it time-consuming, this kind of service will also drain a lot of energy.

In general, good insurance will implement an efficient system, including in filing claims. You will find the process easy and clear from the start, so that the claim submission can run smoothly.

In addition, the claim disbursement process can also run quickly and does not require a long time.

3. Have a Professional Agent

When using car insurance services, you will of course have to deal with insurance company agents. Out there, there are lots of insurance agents that can be found easily, including unprofessional ones.

If you deal with an insurance agent like this, it is not impossible that you will always experience problems in their services.

On the other hand, a good insurance company will usually have a professional and reliable agent. An agent like this will help resolve any issues, including filing a claim.

In addition, you can also ask in detail about the insurance products they offer, because a good agent will certainly master product information very well.

4. Provide Written Agreement to Customers

Good insurance companies are also usually trustworthy and ready to provide written agreements for their customers. This agreement generally deals with details of claims that can be submitted and cannot be submitted by customers.

It is important to ensure the contents of this written agreement, before finally deciding to buy an insurance product. This will also help avoid problems or obstacles in filing claims in the future.

5. Have Financial Viability

OJK has its own provisions regarding the financial viability of insurance companies. This is assessed based on the level of solvency and Risk Based Capital (RBC).

Solvency is the ability of an insurance company to pay all of its obligations, both in the form of short-term debt and long-term debt.

RBC itself can be interpreted as the company’s ability to provide all claims submitted by its customers. A good insurance company must have financial feasibility, including fulfilling obligations and paying all incoming claims.

6. The Amount of Premium According to Protection

A small premium will certainly be comparable to the protection that can be obtained from a car insurance. Even though you want to save money, you still have to be realistic and understand well what you can get from the insurance premiums paid.

A good insurance company will certainly not promise cheap premiums, because there is always a price for quality. You will get good protection, when you are also willing to pay a premium that is comparable to the service.

Choose a Good and Trustworthy Car Insurance

Using car insurance is the best way to provide protection for your favorite car. There are many insurance products that can be found, but this will certainly be a challenge in choosing. Make sure you are observant and only choose good and trustworthy car insurance, so that your Car can get the best protection.

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