2 Best Tips For Pruning Grapes so that They Bear Fruit

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Air Like – Pruning is the process of pruning and maintaining vines from the formation of the vegetative stage onwards.

The initial step of formation begins with cutting the main / main stem after reaching the height of the para-para

The goal is that the main stem does not elongate anymore and stimulates the growth of a second/secondary branch which will later be regulated and directed in a different direction.

When the secondary branches reach a length of 2 meters, the tips must be cut to allow the third branch to grow, i.e. tertiary, then pruning pruned/fruitful when the tendrils are complete or have second and third branches.

To optimize maintenance and pruning in an effort to increase the quality and quantity of vine production, it is recommended to apply a method that has been tested in the field, namely a combination of spurs and sugarcane.

Pruning Process

First: Spur is the timing of returning to 2 buds (trimming the third/tertiary branch by leaving 2 buds which are rejuvenated every time the prunin is done

Spur Trimming Steps:

Second: Sugarcane prunin in the third/tertiary branch with 8-12 points remaining.

Rattan Trimming Steps:

Important to note ! each type of wine must have a different character. So the prunin problem is also definitely different. The best solution is to try it yourself and keep experimenting until you really find a way to prune that suits the character you are planting.

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