Causes of The Refrigerator Not Cold and 3 Steps How to Overcome It

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Air Like – A Refrigerator that is no longer cold will be an obstacle for those of you who need to use this refrigerator. Actually what causes the refrigerator is not cold anymore? Here we will discuss what causes the refrigerator is not cold anymore.

Currently, most households already have a refrigerator and do need a cooler as a basic need that is useful for storing food ingredients so that the material is more durable and long lasting.

Refrigerators have many advantages that benefit their users. In addition to storing food ingredients, the refrigerator is also useful for making ice cubes.

Ice cream, cold drinks and so on. There is nothing wrong with people wanting a refrigerator as an item that must be purchased as a primary need.

Especially for those who are married. When you need a refrigrator, of course you also have to take care of the refrigerator so that it is durable and its use can last a long time.

It requires understanding and attention to the characteristics of the refrigrator in particular, so that you know what is good to do and vice versa.

When your refrigrator has problems because the refrigrator is no longer cold, then you don’t need to worry. Here’s how you can use as a reference if there is a problem with the refrigrator.

The Reason The Refrigerator is Not Cold

1. The ice cubes that cover the ice hole of the refrigrator cooler are cleaned immediately

2. Set the temperature to keep it maximum

3. Hot food, keep it away from refrigrator

4. Equipment that generates heat, must be kept away from the refrigrator

5. Check the condition of the refrigrator door

6. Checking the mains voltage

7. Clean the condenser coil section

8. Check the refrigrator components that are always on

9. Check the power line

10. Contact a professional refrigrator service provider

1. The ice cubes that cover the ice hole of the refrigerator cooler are cleaned immediately

Your refrigrator has been cold for a long time or is it not cold anymore? The first thing you need to do is check for frost that often covers the vents that play a role in cooling the air in the refrigrator.

If that happens, then you should immediately clean up the ice that has accumulated.

This is very easy. You just need to leave the refrigrator open and place the fan in front of the refrigrator so that air can enter directly and interact with the inside of the refrigrator.

Not using a fan is also still possible. Just open the refrigrator door and the freezer section of course. Set off to let the ice flower melt.

It will take about 1 hour if so much snow accumulates. This method proved to be very effective and the refrigrator became free of frost.

Don’t forget to make ice water which is located at the bottom of the freezer. Wipe with a clean cloth that absorbs water.

Because the water can be lost quickly and does not cause the formation of ice flowers again in the near future. Learn more, how to clean the refrigrator.

Once everything is clean and the liquid is gone, you can turn the refrigrator back on and wait a while for it to cool again. You must regularly clean the ice flower so that the problem does not reoccur.

2. Set the temperature to keep it maximum

When buying a new refrigrator for the first time, don’t forget to check the temperature control first after you turn on the refrigrator.

Often it turns out that this case is found in someone who recently had a refrigrator and complained that the refrigrator he bought was not cold.

This can happen, due to lack of knowledge about the characteristics of the refrigrator.

After inspection, the operating cold temperature is relatively low. Of course this will make the wind is not optimal.

So what you need to do is pay attention to the temperature in the refrigerator. Doing so will prove whether your refrigerator is working properly or not.

3. Hot food, keep it away from refrigerator

For those of you who are afraid of stale food, of course, it will be immediately stored in the refrigerator. Especially because it will be abandoned in a short time.

However, how to store food in the refrigrator that is not right, will cause new problems.

One of them is storing food that is still hot. This can cause the temperature inside the refrigerator to drop.

To avoid damage to the refrigerator, it’s a good idea before storing hot food, cool it briefly in the refrigerator area. The food is allowed to cool itself through the air.

This will certainly make the refrigrator safe from temperature drops and you don’t have to worry anymore.

The refrigerator will be fine and you are ready to leave the house, when the food has cooled in the fridge.

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