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Air Like – There are several complaints about laying hens, one of which is the high mortality rate. Laying hens certainly have to know the right care techniques. This is what will affect the results of egg production later. It’s not enough there, the quality of the eggs produced must also be maximized. So for beginners and laying hens who are already professionals. There are several things that can increase the selling price of eggs later.

3 Things that can maximize the profits of laying hens in general:

Minimize feed costs

Maximizing chicken care

Increase the selling price of chicken eggs

Curious about how to cultivate laying hens? Wre they?

The following is a review on how to raise laying hens correctly:

1. Stages of Choosing DOC Laying Chicken Seeds

So this stage is very necessary to see the DOC of laying hens that have the right criteria, one of which is as follows:

The ration conversion is the ratio between the ration consumed by the chicken and the eggs that can be produced by the chicken. The conversion ratio can be referred to as the ratio per kilogram of eggs.

Good chickens can eat a number of rations and can produce eggs that are more / larger than the ration that has been eaten.

If this conversion is not correct (chickens eat too much and lay too few eggs), it cannot maximize the productivity of chicken eggs.

Eggs Egg production should be a major concern in laying hens. The seeds selected must be seeds that can produce many eggs.

This production must also consider the conversion ratio. Conversion of rations must be appropriate so as not to harm the laying hens.

The characteristics of productive laying hens

One of the considerations in preparing good and appropriate laying hens is as follows:

Comes from good laying hens

Have a healthy physique, hair looks smooth and grows normally

Good body development and no visible defects on his body

Size according to weight at least 35 cm and good appetite

The conditions for selecting the right laying hens will affect egg productivity later

So it is very important for you to maximize the quality of the layin hens that will be treated from the first time you choose a layin hens.

Outstanding Achievements on the Field/Field

After you see the conditions for choosing the appropriate layin hens, you need to know the achievements of the seedlings in the field / farm

This can be seen based on the ability to convert rations, egg production, and the ability of chickens to lay eggs.

Examples of achievements of several types of layin hens can be seen in the data below.

In addition, it should be noted that the selection of this type also affects the strain of layin hens

What is it like? You can listen to the following reviews:

2. Types of laying hens for cultivation

In laying hens there are two types of layin hens that are suitable for cultivation, for that it is necessary to know which layin hens are suitable to be targeted.

The right target market will increase the selling price of course requires the quality of the type of chicken that is not only productive but the quality of the eggs later needs to be considered.

Here’s an explanation of choosing the right type of chicken:

Some things you need to understand about lightweight layin hens are:

Light layin hens are commonly known as white layin hens, which produce white egg shells.

Her body was slender, thin, petite, small and her eyes were shining. This chicken comes from a pure white leghorn strain.

Its fur is pure white and has a red comb. This chicken is able to produce more than 260 eggs per year.

This type of chicken is quite difficult to find, but layin hens

are sold commercially in Indonesia under various names. Every layin hens in Indonesia must have and sell this light layer (white layer) commercial layin hens.

This type of chicken is very sensitive to hot weather and an atmosphere that is not conducive (noise). So if the environmental conditions do not support the production will decrease drastically.

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