How to Play Angklung and 3 Basic Techniques

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How to Play Angklung and Basic Techniques – Although it seems simple, How to Play Angklung Also Requires Effort. So that the resulting tones can Create Music that is Pleasant to hear and makes anyone amazed. But how do you do it? Just shake it or There is Another Technique.


Easy Ways to Play Angklung

In playing musical instrument generally begins with the preparation stage. This stage is one of the things that must be considered before starting The Angklung Game. Here are some of them.

Adjust The Position of The Instrument

The First thing in preparing to play this instrument is to first adjust the position of the Instrument. You can position this instrument in a straight or non-tilted position. After that, place the Instrument Bamboo Tube in The Highest Position on The Right, While The Smaller Part it self is placed on the left.

Adjusting The Hand position

You must first make sure that your left hand can hold the instrument well at the top knot on the instrument. Also the right hand holds the instrument at the bottom. The thing to note here is to keep both hands straight.

How to Play by Vibrating

The way to play the third stage of instrument is the angklung vibration technique. A very loud tone will be produced if the vibration is performed correctly enough.

The trick is only done with the right hand. While the left hand only to hold the angklung. When you want to vibrate the instrument, do it quickly using your wrist and you don’t have to move your whole hand again.

How to Hold More Than One

If you want to play more than one angklung, first place a large number near your body. If the instrument being played is big enough, then you can put it on your arm, so that later you can play it easily.

However, if the size of the instrument being played is quite small, then you can only hold it by giving the distance between the two so that there is no collision when playing the angklung.

If you play a set of instrument then the trick is to use the wicket. This purpose will serve as an angklung hanger, making it easier to play.


Learn The Basic Techniques of Playing Angklung

If you already know what preparations must be made before playing instrument, then what is no less important is knowing the basic techniques of how to play angklung. Some of the basic techniques that can be used when playing the instrument are as follows:

Long Vibration Use

As for indeed one of the basic techniques of Playing Instrument is to use the long vibration method. This is done by making this instrument vibrate in length according to the tone to be played. This tone will continue with the following notes when sounded.

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