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Overcome Facebook Ads Account Suddenly Disabled 2022

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How to Overcome Facebook Ads Account Suddenly Disabled – I am Used to Advertising on Facebook Ads, Posting Share Posts From The Facebook Page of This Blog and Have Been Using Facebook For Ads and Traffic for a Long Time However, Last Week suddenly one of my ads stopped especially and when opening Ads Manager there is not if

After Searching on Google then I realized that My Facebook Account has been Loaded and My Ads is breaking The Rules.

Spontaneously, I immediately contacted support and filed an appeal. Why are Facebook ad accounts delivered? However, before discussing how to get around a live Facebook ad account, it’s a good idea to start from scratch.

How to Know Your Facebook Ads Account Has Been Deactivated

If I know my current ad account on Facebook, the ads suddenly stop even though it’s still taking a long time, I log into Facebook Business Manager/Ads Manager and find the following two notifications:

How to Know Your Facebook Ads Account Has Been Deactivated

ensure that the Facebook ad account has been run and after all activities can no longer be carried out, the campaign and advertising will be terminated immediately, in other words, the Facebook ad account cannot be used anymore.

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The First Step

The first step is to directly click contact us which usually contains a notification that your ad has been flagged for policy investigation, here I immediately appealed and I also contacted through the support center,

Asking Why Facebook Ads Account is Proven, I Feel It’s Not Against Policy.

In order to receive a reply from our contact and support center, you have to be careful because it can take days to get a reply.

Here’s my reply saying that my ad violated the rules and facebook ad account can’t be reactivated. Regarding why my ad violates the rules, I don’t understand at all because I’m lazy and annoyed to read the rule violation, what can I do? Account cannot be reactivated.

Money Can’t Return

I also sent a reply asking if my money can be withdrawn? Because there is still Rp. 70,000 left and until now there has been absolutely no reply from Facebook. It’s really very, very if, the funds in my facebook account have been made, absolutely cannot be returned/refunded. In short, Facebook gives money in predefined facebook ad accounts.

What Can be Done?

Frankly there is absolutely nothing that can be done. The proved Facebook Ads account is completely unusable and the only way is to create a new account. Then the Facebook page that has been synced with Facebook Business Manager must be deleted so that each post can be re-advertised.

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