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Air Like –  In Indonesia, the name Angora cat is one of the popular types to be kept as pets. Because it not only has fur that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch, how to care for an Angora cat is not too complicated to do, even for beginners. How easy is it? That’s what will be explained in the article how to care for this Angora cat.

Many are confused about how to properly care for an Angora cat. Because giving an angora only expensive food is not enough to guarantee it will grow up healthy and in accordance with what its owner wants.

Therefore, knowing how to properly care for Angora helps Angora owners maintain optimal Meow health. If handled incorrectly, it cannot make a pleasant pet.

Not easy to get sick, his appearance will be neglected. In fact, the Anggora cat or Angora cat is praised for its charming appearance, namely its silky soft fur.

Well, if this is your first experience with cats, this article can really help you in understanding the characteristics of the Angora cat. But, even though he’s been taking care of him often, it seems like he still needs to read the info here.

Before learning about how to care for an Anggora cat, it’s good to know the history of this breed. Listen here, come on!

The Forerunner of The Turkish Angora Pure Breed

So there are actually many types of Angora cats in the world, such as the German Anggora or the American Anggora. However, both types are only derivatives of the Turkish anggora. This is the original species of the Anggora cat.

The Turkish Angora cat is a descendant of the African liar cat that has a gene mutation. These DNA changes make fur longer, thicker, and softer like silk.

Around the 1500s, the Crusades and cross-border trade succeeded in bringing the Turkish Anggora to various countries, such as France, England, and Italy.

Confused about what to call it, the traders called it Turkish anggora. Referring to the country of Turkey, while anggora is taken from the name of the capital city of Istanbul, namely Ankara.

It didn’t take long for the Turkish Anggora to become very popular in Europe. In fact, it is said that this species is the first long admin cat species to set foot on the Blue Continent.

After dominating the plains of Europe, this species began to spread its wings to the American continent. The year 1700 was the beginning of the entry of the Turkish Anggora into America and immediately became popular as an animal with beautiful fur.

Unfortunately, the arrival of another furry cat from Persia killed the Turkish Anggora. In fact, this breed is only used as cross reinforcement so the Persian breed has a coat that is not only dense, but also soft.

Start Being a Protected Animal

Since most of it is exported abroad, the Turkish anggora population in Turkey itself is decreasing. Finally, in the early 20th century, Ankara Zoo started a breeding program for a new breed of Turkish admin white anggora.

The Turkish state considers the pure white Turkish anggora a national asset. Therefore, it is very difficult to bring pure turkish angora out of Turkey. This is considered attractive by the United States. Although there are already many crossbred angoras, they find pure white angora much more attractive.

Angora Cat Breed

Unlike the Persian which has many types with different names, Anggora can be said to have very few types, namely only two. Wre they? Come on, see everything here.

Weird Eyes and White Hair

This is a real Turkish anggora that is very well kept. The Turkish state party is very selective in regulating the pure Turkish Anggora trade which is considered a state asset because it must be protected.

The original Anggora has the characteristics of white body hair and combination eyes. In a sense, the right and left eyes are different colors. This difference is called odd eye or odd eye.

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