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3 Methods Best Applying Internet Marketing Strategy to Business

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Air Like – With the rapid development of technology, many people access various updated information using the internet. Its use is also not only for the purpose of conveying information. However, it can also function as a means of business activity. One of them is by applying the appropriate internet marketing method.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing or what is often said to be online marketing has indeed become one of the techniques that play an important role in every type of business. Moreover, the sales rely on internet access.

Online marketing is a strategy to advertise and market goods (products) or services via the internet. There are various goals to be achieved through online marketing. Begins with advertising. increase sales volume, to encourage consumers so that they are interested in buying the product or service that you are promoting.

All marketing processes are carried out online using the help of available digital technology. However, the marketing principle is almost the same as the conventional way.

Online Marketing Goals

Internet Marketing itself has a goal to get consumers with a wider and more reach. Through the internet network, we can connect with various sources and consumers with a wider scope.

Around 68% of internet users make buying and selling products and services. Therefore, online platform users are also increasing and can be used to promote a product in the business you are doing.

By advertising, consumers will be more aware of and interested in using your product. The more consumers who come, the better the visitor traffic from your platform or website will be. You can also create a blog that contains articles to present various interesting information.

Internet Marketing Methods

Internet Marketing Methods for Business

1. Creating a Website

Currently, there are many trainings or tutorials that can help you create and develop a website. The purpose of this website is to serve as a platform to publish various types of services and information about the business and company that you manage.

Generally often known as the company profile website. If you are not a professional in programming, you can hand over the task of creating a website to someone who is an expert (programmer) or a company in the software house field to help work on your project.

3. Increase Traffic with the Help of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another example of internet marketing. This profession belongs to a method that is currently quite prominent and is on the rise. Increasing company traffic, optimizing technically and non-technically is the main goal of SEO.

Therefore, your business website page can enter on the first page of Google. Some optimizations that can be done using SEO principles start from On Page and Off Page. In addition, it can also reset keywords to be able to assist you in determining product targets with the existing market conditions.

3. Applying Email Marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing strategy using platforms like Gmail. An example is when you receive a notification in your email that contains content in the form of advertisements related to the company’s services, products or articles.

Although many think it is spam, in reality it is advertising via email, so most consumers will check the messages sent to your email.

Internet Social Media

Other Online Marketing Methods for Business

1. Optimization on Social Media Marketing

The internet marketing that you use can be used to find your account on a variety of existing social media to increase the brand of the product you have. Marketing using social media is considered quite effective. Through these social media, you can create various advertising media to promote your brand’s products.

2. Creating a Blog or Content

If you are interested and have the expertise to write, it never hurts to do this business. Creating a personal or company blog is one of the most effective online marketing methods.

This strategy is effective for getting visitor traffic by creating a website page to present a variety of information in the form of articles. You need to make sure when creating an article you also do SEO optimization, so that the articles that have been created can enter the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) from Google.

Audience now likes to watch videos, you can schedule regular videos on social media such as Instagram, Youtube, or Tiktok. Or use a live streaming service to interact with your audience in real time.

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3. Leverage Google My Business

Google directly developed this feature to help every entrepreneur, both the lower middle class and companies. Through Google My Business, you can submit various information such as adding your office address, website name, opening hours, and so on. Your store or business will automatically be displayed on Google Maps, that’s the main advantage of using Google My Business.

4. Doing Affiliate Marketing

For those of you who still don’t understand about affiliation, which is a job that has the aim of advertising a product belonging to a company which later if the product can be sold, you will get a commission from the sale.

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You have to make sure to direct and the right people to create and design the right content, and can attract the interest of consumers. The affiliate program that you join must match the same industry as your business is the most important thing.

Internet Business

Benefits of Internet Marketing for Business

1. No need for Large Capital

You just need the right method, as well as doing research on the competitors of your product.

2. Wider Customer Coverage

Through the help of the internet, the relationships you get can reach the global community, not only regional or national scope.

3. Process Optimization and Measurable Performance

Marketing via the internet can gain business benefits in the long term in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Marketing Activities Made Easier

If the marketing uses the internet, there is no time or place limit for conducting business activities. Most internet users spend time on social media, forums, and blogs that can provide benefits for their business in advertising products.

The Final Word

From this discussion, we can conclude that internet marketing is one of the marketing activities carried out using the internet on various available digital platforms. Examples: blogs, forums, social media, websites, and search engines. This has the aim of getting a wider reach of consumers, and as a place to advertise business activities.