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5 Causes of Washing Machine Dryer Not Spinning and Best Solutions

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Air Like – Using a washing machine is very common. This is because the washing machine helps wash clothes quickly and does not require a lot of labor.

Washing machines can perform some common tasks such as washing by human hands, such as washing dirty clothes with water, washing clothes with soapy water, rinsing twice and drying. So when the machine has stopped working, the clothes are dry and can be dried manually.

Of course, all that sophistication is also closely related to the type and model of the washing machine you use. So make sure you follow these tips on choosing a washing machine before buying it. You can buy a machine with a top door, side door or a two-door model. However, the machine must be dry before finishing.

However, almost all machine models can experience problems such as the machine not turning when drying. Then what is the cause of the washer dryer not turning and the solution? Follow the guide below.

The Cable is Broken Because it was Eaten by a Rat

One of the most dangerous conditions in a washing machine is when a mouse gets into the washing machine. Usually rats enter through engine openings in the absence of humans, or infiltrate through drain pipes.

At that time, rats will live inside and usually damage and eat the cables that are inside. So it could be that the dryer is not working because the cable is broken. So don’t worry because there is a solution, namely:

Reconnect the broken cable by looking at the appropriate color. Or if you do not understand then use the services of a washing machine. The second way is to diligently clean the inside of the washing machine and install anti-rat traps near the washing machine. Get in the habit of closing the machine door so that mice don’t enter and do how to get rid of mice at home.

The capacitor is burned or damaged.

If the dryer won’t spin, it could be because the capacitor is damaged or burned out. This is very understandable because washing machines are man-made even with the help of technology.

Finally, a machine that is used continuously makes the capacitor weak until it is damaged or burned. Signs when a capacitor is damaged or burned out usually makes the engine just hum as if it’s about to spin but not spin.

The solution is to replace it with a new capacitor. But before that the old capacitor should be brought in for inspection. You can get the same brand with the same capacity and current. This solution is one way to repair a common washing machine.

Dryer brake line is damaged or damaged

Another problem that prevents the washer dryer from working is a broken or broken brake line. Usually the brake strap serves to make the automation system when the dryer is working properly.

But when it breaks, the brake line doesn’t work and the engine won’t start. You can test this malfunction by turning the machine manually by hand. If it is heavy then there must be a problem with the dryer brake strap.

The solution is to check the dryer’s brake strap, if it’s still dragging, replace it with a new one. After that check again if it is working normally. And this condition can be caused by the rope being cut by the rat, so if the machine is near the bathroom then do the tips on cleaning the bathroom to be safe from rats

Engine dynamo is damaged or burned

The main mover of the washing machine is a dynamo with a strong enough power. If any part of the engine dynamo is damaged or burned, usually the engine cannot work properly. Dynamo malfunction will not only make the dryer turn off but all machines work abnormally.

This damage can occur if the dynamo is exposed to water droplets continuously. Over time the dynamo will short out until it runs out or breaks. The solution is to fix the dynamo. Repairmen will usually replace it with a new dynamo. And do how to clean the washing machine so that this part is always clean from water.

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Broken machine dryer timer

Other damage can also occur because the dryer timer is damaged so it doesn’t spin like a normal machine. This condition often occurs because the spring on the washing machine is worn or worn.

Timmer is usually also a part that is often damaged by ants and cockroaches. If this condition occurs, usually the machine just hums but does not work. The solution is to replace a new timer according to the brand of your washing machine.

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