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How to Fix a Problematic Washing Machine, 3 Best Fix it

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Air Like – When The Time Comes, The washing machine will suffer minor or major damage. If you want to know how to fix your washing machine yourself, this article will cover possible damage to your washing machine and how to fix it, from how to fix a washing machine that won’t spin to a leaky washer seal.

Why doesn’t The Washing Machine Spin?

Either a 1 tube or 2 tub washing machine, will definitely experience problems and damage to the machine. One of them is a tube that does not rotate. 

Most loads. Putting too many clothes in the washing machine will cause the tub to become stuck and unable to move.

The dynamo is broken. The washing machine tub is driven by a dynamo. Broken wires, loose armature ropes, and dirty axles prevent the engine from turning.

Close switch not working. The door switch or lid switch functions as a washing machine door detection device. If the door is open, the tube will stop rotating. The problem is that a broken cap switch won’t make the tube spin.

After knowing the cause of the washing machine not turning, now is the time for you to learn how to deal with the washing machine not spinning. Here’s how to fix it:

If there is a lot of weight on the drum, remove some clothing from the drum to make the machine spin.

The dynamo power cable can break because it is bitten by a mouse or it is old. Replace the dynamo power cable with a new one so that it can supply electrical power.

The tube will also stop moving if the rubber strap that connects the dynamo to the tube is loose. Replace loose straps but don’t tighten them too tightly so they don’t break.

Dirty dynamo shaft will make the dynamo jammed. Clean the axle so that it is not clogged with dirt and can work optimally.

The cap switch must be replaced with a new one to detect that the washing machine door is tightly closed. To reduce damage, press the pause or on/off button to stop the washing machine from working.

How to Replace a Washing Machine Capacitor

The capacitor functions to release electrical power when the washng machine is first turned on to provide additional rotating power on the drum. Before replacing, it is best to check whether the source capacitor of the washng machine is not problematic. The way to check the washing machin capacitor is to connect the ohm-meter wire to the capacitor. If the needle does not move, it means the capacitor is faulty.

After knowing the capacitor is damaged by checking the washing machin capacitor, the next step is the process of replacing the washing machin capacitor. Open the cabinet at the back of the washer, and usually the capacitor is held in place by a metal or plastic device connected to the armature. Replace the old capacitor with a new one and close the washing machin cabinet.

How to Fix The Washing Machine Timer

An incorrect timer will prevent the washng machine from turning or turning in one direction. Follow the process on how to repair the washing machin timer below.

Unplug The Washing Machine Power Cord.

Open the control panel and washng machin cabinet located at the back of the machine. Then remove the timer from the washng machin.

Set the multimeter to the RX-1 option and connect it to the end connected to the dynamo. The result should show zero or close to zero.

If the result does not match zero, then replace the timer with a new one.

Washing Machine Water Keeps Coming Out

Water that keeps coming out is caused by two things, namely a dirty water faucet or a broken water level button. If the washng machin water keeps coming out when the machine is turned off, then the water valve is faulty and needs to be replaced.

However, if the water stops flowing when the engine is off, the water level switch is faulty. This way you can replace the water valve or water level switch.

Washing Machine Seal is Leaking

The cause of a leaking washng machin seal can be seen from two things, namely the washing machine door seal or the tube seal. If the water comes out while stirring or filling the water, it means that the problem is the tube seal.

However, if water comes out in the washng machin door area, the problem is the door seal because it is torn or there is dirt so it cannot be closed tightly. Finding a broken washng machin will immediately make you think about expensive repair costs, especially if the warranty period is up.

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But all that can be circumvented by fixing it yourself. Read the next article for tips on how to save water with a washng machin.

Clumps of undissolved detergent can damage the washng machin. Use quality detergents so that the washng machin remains optimal and produces the best laundry.

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