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4 Best How to Clean Leather Car Seats Properly and Without Damage

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AirLike – The Leather Car Seat is an important component that can affect driving comfort, both for the driver and passengers.

For this reason, car seat maintenance needs to be considered and carried out regularly. However, do not carelessly take care of the car seat because it can make it damaged or peeled off.

Each upholstery material has its own characteristics, so how to care for it is also different.

In general, car owners use leather, semi-leather, nylon, and vinyl to coat car seats. The four materials must be treated in different ways.

Well, leather seats are widely chosen by car owners because they are considered capable of presenting an elegant premium impression in the cabin.

Leather is one of the best materials used for car seats. However, leather upholstery care can not be arbitrary and a little complicated.

But don’t worry, here’s How to Clean Leather Upholstery Properly and Easily.

Water and Soft Cloth

Ideally, how to clean seat upholstery simply by wiping it with a cloth and assisted with clean water. In addition, the owner must be able to choose a cleaning fluid that matches the leather material of the car seat.

They generally use a paste in the form of a cleanser, as using a water-based cleanser can cause the skin to become damaged and multiply.

Then, do not use a rough cloth when wiping it because it can scratch the skin, even peeling.

Brush Gently

For stubborn dirt, causing marks, and sticking to the leather seats, car owners can use a brush combined with a cleaner.

However, it’s a Good Idea to Clean This Leather Car Upholstery Using a Soft Brush. 

Then, how to brush it is not too hard. Pressure and brushing do not need to use force, because they have the potential to tear the skin layer.

If it’s clean, wipe your car’s seat upholstery again until it’s clean and don’t let any remaining cleaning liquid stick to it.

Benefits of Baby Shampoo

Another way to clean seat upholstery is to use a special baby shampoo. The balanced pH content and gentleness of baby shampoo make it safe and does not erode the surface layer of the skin.

Coating and Don’t Park Carelessly

If you want Leather upholstery to be more awake, you can provide a layer of seat as additional protection.

Currently, there are many seat coating products sold in the market, but most of them are for new leather, not those that have been used for a long time.

After that, try to park the car in a closed place or not exposed to direct sunlight. The influence of sunlight has the risk of making the seat upholstery dry and cracked.

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For maintenance time, you only need to clean the seat upholstery if it is dirty, because if you clean it often enough, you run the risk of making your skin tone dull.

From how to clean the seat upholstery above, it’s actually not too complicated. Most importantly, you as a car owner must be diligent and consistent in keeping it clean.

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