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Air Like – Your Website is empty of visitors? Don’t worry, it’s natural because in the blogging world, especially those of you who are new to blogging. you will definitely experience this problem, even senior bloggers who have been in the blogger world for a long time have experienced the same thing.

Exploring the world of Blogs Website is not enough just to write articles, but requires special techniques to do so. For example, share articles, SEO, backlinks, and others. This is done so that the blog is easily indexed by search engines.

Many beginners or those who have been in the blog website world for a long time still don’t have visitors even though they have done SEO techniques. Here I will discuss some of the factors that cause blogs to always be empty of visitors.


1. Unqualified Blog Content

Generating random content is very important. If you create obscure content then who will read your content. Well, content is the main factor to attract readers, so create quality and original content. In addition to increasing visitors, if your content is of high quality then visitors will feel more at home on your blog.

2. Some Articles

If it’s your first time creating a blog and the articles are still few then don’t expect too much to get a lot of visitors. Consistency is the key. Because writing every day will affect the performance of your blog and articles of course.

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3. Seasonal Articles

This means that seasonal articles are articles that are sought after if the article content is trending (viral) but only temporarily, of course you understand this. So, try to create articles that long-term readers need. For example articles about bloggers or business.

4. Wrong in Applying SEO

SEO is the most important factor for a blog, but implementing SEO is not an easy thing. It’s no wonder that many out there are selling e-Books on SEO, and I think that’s reasonable because SEO knowledge is not small and not easy to learn.

If you want to do SEO optimization on a blog website, I suggest studying it first before you practice. Well, if you are wrong in doing SEO optimization, chances are your blog will not progress, even though it is not indexed by the Google search engine.

5. Loading Old Website

What causes slow loading blogs website? It could be because of the Theme/Template, there is an error (Error 404), the number of images and videos, the amount of javascript used, the number of widgets on the blog, etc.

If there is such an error, fix it immediately. Because this is very influential on our visitors and Adsense income.

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