The 3 Cause of The Blog Visitors is Few Even Though The Best Articles are Many

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Air Like – Articles are an important asset for a blog, the more articles make your blog have a lot of content and keywords needed by Google to display your blog site in the Google search engine.

However, having a lot of articles without doing SEO optimization on the blog makes your articles difficult for visitors to find even though almost all of your articles are indexed by search engines.

Theoretically having a lot of content makes it easier for blog owners to build good internal links, there are more than 200 factors that affect search engine rankings, the relevance of each post and all of them cannot be predicted with certainty but are still within limits. the scope of the guidelines described by Google Webmaster.

Yes, updating articles every day without optimization in my opinion is not enough considering the competition between blogs on search engines is quite heavy

In general, The Nature of a Content is Divided Into 3 :

1. News

This news content is short trending / short term only valid for a few days and the rest can be said to be useless. News readings cannot be called articles because the level of uniqueness of the content is low. For example, the news of the death of the artist is only valid for a few days after that the post is useless

2. Trending Articles

Trending articles have a slightly longer lifespan, it can be several months, many people are curious about this type of trending article, besides that, it is different from news, this type of trending article can be rewritten according to the wishes of the author. the case of Dimas Kanjeng, which can continue to be studied

3. Long term articles

Long Term Articles that are needed by many people even though they were written years ago, for example tutorials on creating a blog, tutorials on solving computer errors, etc. This type of password cannot be changed and is nothing to worry about. it expires later

If you manage your own/personal blog, you should choose blog content with long-term niche/keywords that are timeless so you don’t have to waste a lot of time updating articles every day. It’s different if you have a team, you can pick up trending articles with short time properties that have the potential to be easier to bring in visitors but have a short level of popularity.

Creating a blog requires a clear concept and strategy, what your blog will look like in the future, according to each level of ability. Don’t force a niche that you don’t master because it causes boredom and boredom

To benefit from a blg depending on the ability of the owner, there are many friends who immediately make hundreds of dollars every day just relying on trending blg topics and FbAds ads (capital) there are also friends who get income after blogging in a few months (internal link effect). it’s good and the backlink is awesome)

If you have a blg but it’s still low on visitors, there are a few reasons you should know:

1. Health Blog

Poor blg health makes your blg difficult for search engines to crawl, even crawler robots have to dump index quotas just to crawl URLs not found in posts. Determinants of content health include article quality, article uniqueness, duplicate titles, broken links, inappropriate links, keywords in the title, spam links, etc. You can check on google webmaster

2. Special Blog

Blg themes affect the level of competition on the internet, if you are a beginner avoid themes that are widely used by other big sites such as news blgs

3. Backlink

There are backlinks from reputable sites, there are auto-approval backlinks from SPAM sites that make your blg look bad and trigger penalties like google dance, google sandbox, blogs placed behind search, deindex articles etc. Therefore always pay attention to where you embed the link. sites try to minimize the number of backlinks and only plant on sites with a high reputation

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