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Honda Accord Best Review, Specifications, Features and Price 2021

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Honda Accord Review, Specifications, Features and Price – Previously, We Have Discussed about the Honda Jazz RS, a product made by PT Honda Prospect Motor. Honda also launched the first generation of the Honda Accord sedan in Indonesia in 1978.

Honda also launched the tenth generation Accord at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2019. The Tatest Generation Accord was launched by presenting a quality sedan with satisfactory performance.

This Car is included in the luxury and exclusive sedan segment which is only available in one type, namely the Accord 2.4L VTi-L ES type. Come on, see the full review of the Honda Accord series below.

Honda Accord Design

On the exterior, this car gets an improvement in the fascia or front view of the medium-sized grille. The car grille has 2 horizontal lines with chrome accents, and the Honda emblem with chrome accents makes the Honda look even more elegant.

On the front bumper, this car looks sturdy with a luxurious design that is aerodynamic and increases its down force ability. On the side, this car looks luxurious and elegant with the presence of 2 accent lines that stand out on the top and bottom of the Honda.

While on the back of the Honda there are chrome garnish accents that are able to give a charming line to the combination of stop lamps or brake lights, as well as the curve of the lamp housing that blends with the vehicle body and strengthens the impression. luxury and exclusivity of this car.

The Honda Accord is also equipped with various functional features such as Headlight with Auto On OF, HID Headlight with Auto Leveling, Fog Lamp or fog lamp, hydrophilic mirrors, retractable door mirrors and door mirrors with Turning signal that can help and make driving easier for drivers. drivers. driver.

While in the interior of the Honda Accord, the seats in the car cabin use premium leather which are soft and comfortable so that passengers will still feel comfortable even if they travel long distances.

The Honda is also equipped with a sophisticated dashboard design and is equipped with various high-tech features so that it is easier and safer for the driver to control or access this car, such as the Rear AC Ventilation and i-Dual Auto AC features to regulate the temperature in the cabin automatically.

In the rear cabin, the Accord is also equipped with a side sunshade and a rear window power sunshade that can absorb sunlight.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord Machine

The engine system used by this car carries a DOHC 4 cylinder inline type engine with 16 valves i-VTEC with a capacity of 2,356 cc. With this engine, it is claimed to be capable of spitting out a maximum power of 176 PS/6,200 Rpm and a maximum torque of 225 Nm/4,000 Rpm.

The car’s power is channeled through a 5-speed automatic transmission which provides smoother acceleration. Accord is also suitable for use as a daily car that crosses various urban roads quickly and tough. In fact, the Accord is capable of reaching a top speed of more than 200 km/h. Honda Accord also uses PGM-FI fuel supply technology and Earth Dreams Technology which makes the car capable of producing more efficient fuel consumption. This car also uses the PGM-FI combustion system which makes the car engine more responsive.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord Dimensions

The Honda Accord has dimensions that are quite large with a length of 4,870 mm, a width of 1,850 mm, and a height of 1,465 mm. While the wheelbase is 2,275 mm and the size of the car is quite long, so the cabin space of this car is quite spacious. This motorcycle’s gas tank has a capacity of 65 liters, and has an empty weight of 1,560 kg.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord Features

This car is equipped with an automatic transmission gearshift system that can be done manually via paddle shift on the steering wheel. As well as the Cruise Control feature that can go on and on without the need to step on the acceleration pedal continuously. The ECON Mode feature which consists of the ECO Button and ECO Assist can provide fuel consumption information to make it more economical and efficient. The use of these features can also reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%.

The Drive By Wire system in this car can provide a gradual steering system to shift the transmission and AC operation which results in maximum performance.

The Honda Accord also provides maximum comfort with its features, such as the i-MID feature and Steering Wheel Mounted Control that can be used by car drivers. There are also other entertainment features such as Integrated Touch Screen A/V System with DVD, Bluetooth Audio & Handsfree which produces the best audio quality.

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