2 Best Recognize the Characteristics of Leaking Motorcycle Shockbreakers

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Air LikeRecognize Shockbreaker on a motorcycle is certainly one of the important components with a very vital function as a control to dampen the vibration of the motorcycle when passing through bumpy roads.

In other words, the shock on the motorbike plays a role in maintaining the stability of the motorbike so that the condition of the rider remains in a comfortable state.

Therefore, it is very important for you to care for and care for the motorcycle shockbreaker so that its performance can still operate properly.

Because, if the shockbreaker is damaged, the stability of the motor will be disturbed. Especially when passing through uneven or bumpy road terrain.

Of course the vibration will be felt because the shock absorbers on the shock motor cannot work optimally as they should.

It doesn’t stop there, one thing that needs to be recognized is a sign if the shockbreaker has a shock oil leak. Considering, the characteristics of this shock oil leak are rarely realized by many people.

In fact, if the shock oil leaks, the shock absorber will not be able to function optimally. It will even make the axle more potentially bent because the pressure that occurs cannot be controlled by the shock due to the shock oil running out or leaking.

Then, what are the characteristics of the oil shock on the leaking motor? Don’t be confused, here Mas Sena will review in full the characteristics of a leaky motorcycle shockbreaker that many people often don’t realize.

In some cases, there are indeed some characteristics that are shown through symptoms when a leak occurs in the motor shock oil. Wre they? Here’s the full review.

Broken Recognize Motorcycle Shockbreaker

1. Start hearing the squeaking sound of Shock

First of all, the characteristics that can be used as aspects or benchmarks if there is a leak in the shockbreaker oil, generally it will sound like a squeaking sound when the motorbike is driving on bumpy road terrain.

Usually this sound will be louder when you are riding a bicycle, considering that there is an additional load that must be balanced by the legs of the motorcycle.

You need to know that the appearance of the squeaking sound is certainly caused by friction between the shock axle and the bones of the motor legs.

Where, the squeaking sound indicates that the drag friction is not lubricated due to oil leakage on the motor itself.

So, it is undeniable that if you experience this condition repeatedly, it is most likely that the shockbreaker oil is leaking on the motor itself.

For that, immediately take it to the workshop for a more in-depth check so that later it doesn’t spread to other sectors. Because, if this condition is left it will trigger other damage. Especially damage to parts or areas of the shockbreaker circuit.

2. Oil Seepage Appears As A Surprise

Then, another characteristic that is clearly a sign of shockbreaker oil leaks on the motor can be detected from the presence of oil seepage marks coming out of the shock axle itself.

Seepage like this indicates that the shock oil is coming out through the gaps in the shock axle. That’s because there is no rubber seal to prevent shock oil from escaping.

If this happens then it is highly recommended that you replace the seal with a newer one to prevent the oil from escaping.

However, if this solution can’t get rid of the oil seepage, it’s best to take the recognize motorcycle to a repair shop.

Not without reason, considering this condition is no doubt a sign not only of leaking oil but also of the ash recognize shock of the motor that has started to bend or lack precision.

In fact, if the shock absorber looks like it has been scratched, it is clear that there is a leak in the shock absorber of your motorcycle.

Therefore, avoid riding a motorcycle on bumpy roads. Or, if necessary, reduce the speed to minimize friction on the axle recognize shock motor.

And, the solution obviously has to be dismantled because later it will be clear the source of the problem is in the shock of the motor.

3. Shockbreaker Feels Bouncing

In addition, the recognize shock that starts to bounce when passing through a bumpy road is also a sign of a recognize shock oil leak that needs attention.

Functionally, the role of the shockbreaker is to dampen or minimize shocks when passing through bumpy roads. However, if you really feel like bouncing while driving, that’s a sign that the shock absorber oil has run out.

It could be due to a leak or indeed the quality of the shock oil is starting to decrease due to the intensity of motor use.

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