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This is The Cause of Damaged Car Tires and 4 Best How to Anticipate It

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AirLike – The number of accidents on toll roads due to car tires bursts when the vehicle is speeding has recently occurred. The consequences range from economic losses to death.

Broken tires are indeed one of the causes of accidents on toll roads in addition to drowsiness, failed brakes, and others. However, there are ways to prevent that from happening to you.

Before starting the driving activity, every vehicle owner is required to check around his vehicle to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

1. Wind pressure

This may seem trivial, but improper wind pressure can be fatal. It is highly recommended to inflate the tires according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer. This is related to the grip of the car tires on the road surface, especially for braking.

Air pressure that is too low or too high can damage the tire construction and cause the tire to burst. Bad effects like this can occur when the car is traveling at high speed. When a car tire bursts, the car can bounce.

2. No overload

What is meant by overload is the weight borne by the vehicle in excess of the manufacturer’s recommendations. This condition can also cause the tire to burst. Read your car manual again. The easiest way is not to load goods or passengers beyond the capacity of your car.

3. Tire Patches are Only Temporary

When a car tire punctures, patching is the solution. But remember, patching tires in any way is a temporary solution, even if you use punctures. If left too long, the patch may open again. If this happens then the air will come out and that means the wind pressure is no longer ideal to support the weight of the vehicle. You already know what can happen when the tire pressure is lower than recommended.

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4. Avoid Crashing Into The Broken Road

Another cause of burst tires is because car tires often hit damaged roads. Such a strong impact can cause the knitted steel wire in the tire to break or even break. Damaged tires that are still forced to use will be very easy to break. The wire that actually functions as a car tire wall protector is no longer functioning properly.

In addition to tips to prevent tire bursts, there’s nothing wrong if you prepare yourself for the possibility that is not desirable.

When a car tire bursts, don’t panic. Stay calm so you can make wise decisions quickly. Furthermore, do not apply sudden braking. With braking, the weight of the car will move forward and consequently the steering becomes difficult to control. In fact, if there is momentum, the potential for the car to soar is enormous.

Then, you need to try to predict the direction of movement of the car when the tire burst earlier. Here, the driver must carefully feel which tires are blown. If it’s a front tire, you have to keep the steering wheel straight. Make sure you do it with more force because the steering wheel will be pulled towards the tire that bursts. Do not perform excessive maneuvers such as turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction.

Control will be relatively easier if the rear tire bursts, because the control is still on the front tire. You should also slow down immediately. Release the gas pedal and gradually lower the gear while holding the steering wheel so that the car does not move wildly. When the speed starts to decrease, slowly direct the vehicle to the shoulder of the road, don’t forget to turn on the turn signal to the left. After that pull over and turn on the hazard.

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