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2 Best Tips Overcoming Car Tires that Sudden Leaks

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AirLike – Apart from being sleepy, one of the biggest causes of car accidents on the road is a broken car tire. The impact on car handling can be severe, especially when a car tire suddenly bursts while traveling at high speed and the driver is in shock.

Car Tire

Broken car tire can be caused by several factors. Like under pressure or a flat tire is not due to excess pressure. Lack of tire pressure causes the tire wall structure consisting of steel wire to weaken and not optimally support the weight of the vehicle.

Constantly forced to drive at certain speeds and loads, the knitted tire cords that keep tires in shape can become damaged and torn.

Other causes include incorrect tire installation, bald tire treads, and the surface or wall of the tire being exposed to sharp objects such as stones or damaged road surfaces. Even though the tires are in good condition, if the car is traveling at a high enough speed, sharp objects on the road can damage the tire surface and tire structure. Because the condition of the surface of the tire has been injured, the tire can burst at any time.

So it is highly recommended to check the condition of the car tire regularly to ensure that the tire pressure is maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. At the same time monitor if there is damage to the tire surface.

So, when driving and suddenly the tire bursts, what should the driver do? Surprisingly, the majority of drivers also make mistakes in taking action under these conditions.

Either because of the sound of tires bursting or the steering wheel suddenly pulled to one side and the car swayed. Especially for drivers who are not alert because they are sleepy or have other distractions such as using cell phones or adjusting car audio.

The condition of a car tire burst suddenly can be faced with a few steps. But the most important thing is that the driver does not panic easily. In a state of panic, the driver tends to take the wrong action.

Like trying to hit the brake pedal as fast as possible. Or turn the steering wheel suddenly due to shock. Meanwhile, by not making the driver panic, of course the brain can think more clearly in taking action.

Steps that the driver can take is to hold the steering wheel firmly while directing the car to keep it straight. Sudden movement of the steering wheel can be caused by a blown front tire. One of the front tires bursting can make the tire seem to be pulled to the side of the broken tire.

This is what needs to be maintained so that the car does not get off the track. Meanwhile, if the rear tire bursts, the steering wheel and car movement is not too much, so it is easier to control.

The next step is to slow down the car gradually, not too fast. Avoid stepping on the brake pedal because the weight of the car will move forward and make it difficult to control the steering wheel. Just release the gas pedal slowly and let the engine brake reduce the car’s speed.

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Car Tire can be accompanied by moving the gear lever lower gradually for manual cars. So that the deceleration occurs slowly and there is no additional movement in the car body.

When the speed of the car is low enough, the driver can easily steer his car to the shoulder of the road. The thing to remember is to avoid making sudden movements and pay attention if there are other vehicles around the car that need to be anticipated. With a fairly low speed, the driver can also step on the brake pedal.

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