NMAX ABS 2020 Best Review, Specifications, and Price

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AirLike – Developer Yamaha presents the latest Nmax motorcycle with various engine specifications and features that are very important to improve. Where the Nmax ABS 2020 motor has also been equipped with connected features that are more sophisticated than other types of motors.

Where Yamaha Nmax ABS is a premium automatic scooter which is priced at the most expensive price. This time, we will share some good lists of colors, features, specifications, and more. Just take a look at the complete discussion of the Yamaha Nmax ABS 2020 information below.

Yamaha Nmax Engine 2020

This 2020 Yamaha NMax has made some big changes, where when we press the start button, the motor engine will turn on without any sound other than the combustion process. Meanwhile, when the gas lever is rotated, the distribution of rotation to the wheels will feel smooth. The new engine carried by this motor still manages to optimally distribute torque as needed. Even this variable also needs to be clarified again, either on land with a steep elevation or by using the load of more than one person.

Even when asked to speed up in a slightly cramped test space, we’ll enjoy the New Max show. Where a total change needs to be made in the engine sector, starting from the intake, the air and fuel mixture supply valve which is enlarged to 20.5 mm. More quoted volume will be able to supply.

Where Yamaha Nmax has increased power from 14.8 hp to 15.1 hp. If it stops at the queue point to re-enter the track, the engine will automatically shut down. This is the use of the Start Stop System (SSS) or what is known as the idling stop that has been embedded in the Yamaha Nmax 2020.


Features of Yamaha Nmax 2020

This Nmax ABS 2020 motorbike has been equipped with the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect feature which is a major addition and a strong differentiation for the Yamaha motorbike. Where this motor also has a larger size and makes us know more information in it. The upright position of the motor will also be more visible. Interestingly, the screen will return to the usual monochromatic as when the Yamaha Nmax was first launched.

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Where Nmax also has information that has been presented in a more complete panel. Apart from the tank condition, speed, distance, etc., there is also the engine temperature level. Where the engine temperature level is more informative than just a mere overheating symbol. This ABS-Connected tip also has additional information regarding connectivity, traction control and ABS. Access to this bike is also easier where the lever on the left side of the handlebar can be pressed with the index finger, like a light fitting lever.


Engine Type:
4-stroke liquid-cooled, SOHC
W x W x H:
1,955mm x 740mm x 1,115mm
Front Suspension:
Number of Cylinders:
Single Cylinder
Filling Weight:
127 Kg
Rear Suspension:
Swing Unit
Engine Capacity:
155 cc
Gasoline Tank:
6.6 L
Front Tire:
110/70 – 13 M/C 48P
Maximum Power:
11.1 kW at 8000 rpm
Rear Tire:
130/70 – 13 M/C 63P
Maximum Torque:
14.4 Nm / 6000 rpm
Front Brake :
Single Disc Brake (ABS)
Rear Brake:
Single Disc Brake (ABS)

So that’s a brief review about Yamaha Nmax that you must know.

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